7 Keys to a Compliant PSM Training Program for Ammonia Refrigeration

Does your PSM training program meet the mark? Don't risk a fine — or worse.

Process safety management (PSM) training is a must for ammonia refrigeration personnel, but generic instruction isn't enough. OSHA standards mandate these employees be trained on a facility's specific equipment and process.

Are you confident that your ammonia refrigeration training program is OSHA-compliant?

There are several key items a modern PSM program should include, such as:
  • Emergency shutdown procedures and operations
  • Steps to avoid and correct deviations from system operating limits
  • Standard operating procedures for each phase of the system
  • Important safety and health considerations
Review the important areas your training must cover under OSHA standard 1910.119 in this new e-book from Stellar's refrigeration and PSM experts.

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